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Emergency support station

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Emergency cooperation office (emergency support station) badge grant indication system

We worked on spread of first aid treatment enlightenment to plan improvement of civic lifesaving rate in Nagasaki-shi Fire Bureau, but started system to issue badge of "emergency cooperation office" (emergency support station) targeting at hotel, department store, service station, public facilities which the in total unspecified number of person used on "day of first aid" on September 9, 2007 to expand this approach more.
About grant of badge, it becomes requirements that employees who usually attended lifesaving class 1) (including Japanese Red Cross Society first aid method basics class, association of AHA (United States heart) HeartsaverAED) work, but offices which can cooperate such as first aid treatment of interval until emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance by employees and arrival at emergency services become a target of grant even if they do not establish AED (automated external defibrillator).
Office which caught grant of badge by this system can expect the following effect by posting badge (sticker of the chart below) on the entrance or receptionist of facility.

  • It is recognized that it is facility which can offer security and relief to customer.
  • Contribution to community becomes image enhancement of office.
  • Consciousness for health and first aid of the office person concerned improves.

    Usually please see page of "AED cardiopulmonary resuscitation class" about attendance of lifesaving class 1).

What is emergency support station (emergency cooperation office)?

When injured person and sick person occur suddenly in the office and the neighborhood, it is office having employees who can cooperate such as carrying out first aid treatment, ensuring safety of interval until emergency call for fire brigade and ambulance and arrival at emergency services.
To emergency support station, badge (sticker) is posted on the outdoors of building.

Badge of AED setting office


  1. Establishing AED.
  2. Employee who attended) including lifesaving class (normal lifesaving class 1) including use of AED, Japanese Red Cross Society first aid method basics class, AHA (association of American heart) HeartsaverAED always working.
  3. Being able to cooperate during until conduct of report and first aid treatment, arrival at emergency services including ensuring safety for case that occurred near by all over business hours or the public time.
  4. Being able to consent to announce to plan common knowledge to citizen widely.

Badges such as other offices


  1. Employee who usually attended lifesaving class always working.
  2. 3 of AED setting office corresponding to requirements of this 4.

The emergency support station registration situation

The number of all registration offices

503 offices (as of December 4, 2018)

  • AED setting office 330 office (Nagasaki-shi 302: 13, Nagayo-cho: 15, Togitsu-cho)
  • Other office 173 offices (Nagasaki-shi 159: 4, Nagayo-cho: 10, Togitsu-cho)

Emergency support station map

It shifts to map page when we click emergency support station map ←.

List of emergency support station offices

AED setting office table

Other office tables


Grant application method

To register newly?

Please apply to director at fire station for office which is going to catch grant of badge by style 1 "badge grant application" through jurisdiction fire department.

We issue badge and release grant office.

When we meet all of grant requirements based on grant application from office, we issue "badge" and "identification of grant" by the next division and release on homepages and publicize to citizen.

  1. "Badge" of AED setting office and AED setting office "identification of grant" (Portable Document Format: 56KB)
  2. "Badge" of other offices and other offices "identification of grant" (Portable Document Format: 46KB)

(supplement) Grant office posts identification of grant and attaches badge on public place where it is easy to get into eyes. On expiration date of badge, it is three years.


To continue?

You update by style 3 (continuation application) (word form: 40KB), and please file for grant office within 30 days before expiration day for validity of badge.

To abolish, and to change?

When we do not meet grant requirements or when there is change in report item, please report grant office to Director firefighting by style 2 (abolition notification of change) (word form: 33KB) immediately through jurisdiction fire department. In addition, we return identification of grant and, in the case of the abolition, discard badge.


Contact information

Person in charge of Fire Bureau defending section first aid help

Phone number 095-822-0448

Fax number: 095-829-1067

Address: 3-1, Kouzenmachi, Nagasaki-shi (Fire Bureau the seventh floor)


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